Academy Night Moved to Sunday, September 20 @ 6:00 pm (See Full Itinerary)

We’re moving our originally scheduled Academy from Saturday 9/19 8:00 pm Academy at Segnette to Sunday 9/20 6:00 pm at Segnette.  This allows for more of our Instructors to attend and leaves us an open-ended time to finish On-Field Batting Practice.

The Itinerary:
• Phase 1: 6:00pm.  We start a rotation of (3) 20 Minute Instructional Periods.  Each of you will be teaching the same Class each 20 Minutes, so the players rotate to you. 
*Middle Infield, 3B, Catchers, and Outfielders will be filmed here.

• Phase 2: at about 7:20/7:30, we then break the players up into Grad Years.
1. Live BP on the field & Cage Warmups
2. 60 Times & Agilities/Activation
3. Bullpens
*Each station will be filmed here.


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