NOCA Baseball’s Winter Training Programs [Sign Up HERE]

Registration Now Open!  Programs begin 11/3 with Start Dates Offered for (2) Weeks.

Players can choose just (1) or More Winter Training Programs, or choose a Combo Package.  

Details on each Winter Training Program are provided below.  

1st Start Date is 11/3 with Enrollment (Start Dates) being 1st  (2) Weeks of November. Finish Dates are (8) Weeks after your Start Date.

Non-members, Please Sign Up At The Link Below!


Members, Please Sign Up At The Link Below

Big Easy Member Program Rates

The Combo Packages

Players can certainly ENROLL in multiple Programs.  The Combo Packages below may not perfectly reflect what you’re looking for this Winter.  So, please feel free to design your own “Combo” Package from any of NOCA’s Winter Training Programs.

#1.  NOCA’s Roadrunner with a Bazooka Package

BSP Speed & Functional Strength (12 Sessions) + ReActive Arm Package that includes (2) Foundation Sessions & (8) Weeks of (1) Throwing Class per Week.

$450 Big Easy Members, $525 Non-Members

#2.  NOCA’s Bomb Hitting Cheetah Package

BSP Speed & Functional Strength (12 Sessions) + Intelligent Hitter Package (8) Weeks of (1) Hitting Class per Week.

$450 Big Easy Members, $525 Non-Members

#3.  NOCA’s Spider-Man Meets Black Panther Package

BSP Speed & Functional Strength (12 Sessions) + Infield Defender Package (5 Classes)

$450 Big Easy Members, $525 Non-Members

#4.  NOCA’s Kitchen Sink Package:  Speed, Bat, Glove, & Arm

(12) BSP Speed & Functional Strength Sessions + (8) Intelligent Hitter Sessions + (8) ReActive Arm Sessions + (5) Infield Defender Sessions

$700 Big Easy Members, $850 Non-Members

Details on NOCA’s Winter Training Programs

Brattain Sports Performance Package (24) or (12) Sessions

Standard-Times will be offered, but players can also schedule their Sessions through BSP at the Days/Times that best fit you each week.  Speed, Flexibility, Functional Strength ID with Smart Targeting Exercises = Customization for every player!

NOCA’s ReActive Arm Program…Tuesdays &/or Thursdays at 7:00 pm…11/3 until Spring

Throwing needs to be a Daily to 4 Times week activity.  It doesn’t take more than 20 minutes to really work your arm and make lasting gains.  So we’ve designed a throwing program that offers (2) options for complete supervision per week.  Players that enroll for all (16) Sessions simply come on both days each week.  Players that enroll for (8) Sessions come on one or the other day each week.

Players will receive a Thrower’s Guide & Tracking Packet as to chart and reference drills.

Step 1:  The initial (2) Sessions establish a Foundation. We teach every player (also great for Position Players) a dynamic Drills Series that attacks the Throwing Motion from multiple angles.  Plyocare, Bands Regimen, Long Toss, Momentum, Blending Throwing (Position Players blend their Defensive Footwork into the Throw), Pre-Game Warm Up, Post Game Cool Down, Recovery Drills for Day After, Video Analysis, Kinetic Sequencing, and Med Ball Throws.

Step 2:  Then, the player has another (8) to (16) Sessions depending on your chosen Package to attack his Arm.  Typically, this is over (8) Weeks from the day you Start.  

Step 3:  We also provide direction for players to throw on the other days of each week…How Many days per Week?   How Much Intensity?  How What to Feel for?  How to Forecast based on Weight Training, etc?

NOCA’s Gold Glove Class…Sundays at 6:00 pm.  11/14, 11/21, 12/5, 12/12, & 12/19

(5) Classes.  Sunday Nights. Indoors.  Very High Intensity.  Middle Infield Footwork & Athletic Movements with Specialty Movements that translate for all the Infield Positions.  Hands, Transfers, Timing, Arm Actions, Timing for Pre-Pitch, Double Plays, Cut-Offs, Dives, Long Throws, and way more.

The Intelligent Hitter…Mondays &/or Wednesdays at 6:00 pm…11/3 until SpringBat speed, Smash Factor (Precision of Contact), & Swing Decision

Components include setting a Biomechanical Movement Foundation built from MLB and most recently LSU Baseball.  Players will receive a Hitter’s Guide & Tracker that allows them to revisit Drills and track their own Progression.

Bat speed sets your Ceiling & your Floor.  NOCA uses Bat speed Trainers, Med Balls, and Movement Sequencing to allow each player to feel his Core & Legs generate.

Smash Factor simply refers to the Precision at which your barrel strikes the baseball.  This creates a competitive aspect to every swing and gets a hitter more Game Ready than any other metric or simple BP.  We refer to this as Intelligent BP.

Swing Decision speaks to the actual balls that a hitter swings at.  The better the pitch to hit, the more Connected the swing, the better your Smash Factor Score, and the better the Game Result.  Multiple Drills Series attack how we Cognitively train Swing Decision.


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