Every NOCA Coach, Manager,and Consultant is currently or previously coached for a living. Baseball is their Primary Skill Set.

Joey Cabeceiras

Biomechanical Director, NOCA Director. Pitching, Hitting, Catching, Infield Defense. Specializes in Motor Movements and Scouting Metrics. Over 30 years of Instruction with over a decade in Biomechanics. The only Pitching Coach within 500 miles that receives Orthopedic Referrals to rebuild throwers.

Brandon Rousseve

After 5 years of Professional Baseball with the Tampa Bay Rays, Brandon then spent the past decade instructing Middle Infielders and baseball players of all ages. A true specialist in Biomechanics, Coach Rousseve is also a Director inside NOCA Baseball currently leading our 14U.

Drew Avens

PF/1B/LHP Los Angeles Dodgers. Drew played his college baseball at Southeastern LA and was a dual-threat as a Hitter and Pitcher. Drew is currently in AA with the Dodgers as an Outfielder/LHP. While we have him, Drew will focus on 1B, OF, Pitchers, and Hitting for NOCA.

Drew Martinez

Detroit Tigers Hitting & Outfield Coach. Drew Martinez played his college baseball at Memphis State and then 2 years with.... he jumped right into coaching back at Memphis State, working with hitters and outfielders. Recently, he was hired as a Hitting Coach with the Detroit Tigers organization. While we have him, Drew will focus on Outfielders and Hitting for NOCA.

Dr. Luis Arencibia

Luis is a Physician and East Jefferson General Hospital in Metairie. Dr. Luis is also an Arm Specialist that travels the world to incorporate new techniques for throwers of all ages. Dr. Luis works will all the Venues (13’s, 14’s, and Varsity) with Throwing Programs with a special emphasis on our 13’s and 14’s. He is also a NOCA Director and leads NOCA International, which is our yearly trip to play baseball in such exotic areas like Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

Jim Cueto

 Centerfielder, UNO (1994-1997). Jim is a 4-Year Starter and renowned as the Best Defensive Outfielder in the history of UNO. A true technician on footwork and angles, Jim handles Outfielders and Hitters for NOCA.