NOCA’s Fall Pre-Prep Venue (13’s) 2021

NOCA 13U Baseball Program 2021-2022

  • Fall Pre-Prep Venue (13’s)
  • Winter Training Programs
  • 13U Summer National Rosters

Please send an email now to to request a Private to Semi-Private Tryout. You can also call or text Adam Durand, NOCA 13U Director, at +1 (832) 777-9150.

*NOCA does not offer Cattle Call Tryouts. Those simply do not work for our programming. Everything is customized. The only path to participation is through this personal touchpoint.

NOCA’s Fall Pre-Prep Venue (13’s) is an ultra-competitive highly organized Fall Baseball Program that utilizes College and High School Stadiums to graduate players from the “Little Diamond” directly to 60/90. This is the premier 13U Baseball Experience in the Gulf South. Nowhere else do you get the expert coaching, older players Mentoring, and 60/90 acclimation on College Diamonds combined with the weekly flexibility because we do not play in Fall tournaments….and you’ll still be able to play other Fall Sports like Football. Every High School Baseball Coach in the area relieves Player Profiles and Player Updates, so making yourself relevant before you get to High School happens right here.

  • (5) Weekends of Games on Saturdays & Sundays during September and October played at local Colleges and Schools. Starts 9/11, wraps up 10/9. Game Saturday, Game Sunday.
  • (4) Academy Training Workshops represent the midweek offering for Position specific Instruction delivered by NOCA’s Faculty of Coaches and 2022 Mentors. 1B, 3B, Middle Infield, OF, Catchers, Hitting Biomechanics, Pitch Recognition, Pitching: Biomechanics, Pitching: Spin Creation, and Speed & Agility Class.
  • Projected Playing Sites: Alex Box Stadium (LSU), Turchin Stadium (Tulane), UNO Stadium, Miley Stadium, Avenger Field, and Bayou Segnette Stadium (Loyola). Where else are 13’s getting this?

What’s New for You at NOCA 13U?
•Ready for what’s after Travel Ball? The standard 13U travel baseball is typically a poor extension of 12U that’s played in the same tournaments against the same players at 54/80. The only difference is that the very best 13’s get snatched up by Prospect Clubs and don’t play in these 13U “travel” games. So the competition is a bit watered down.

Want a clear advantage over other 13’s that are only moving to 54/80? The longer you wait to play and understand 60/90, the more you delay personal development and acclimation. Ask any of today’s NOCA’s 14’s (last year’s 13’s) and they’ll explain the massive advantage each had over their peers that didn’t jump right to 60/90 under NOCA’s coaching.

Shifted your focus to High-Level Coaching & Customized Development? We hold every player to the College/Pro Standards of Movements and Strategies. There is no watered-down standard. It’s about understanding Movements and Behaviors. We aren’t Dads coaching travel ball teams or guys trying to win trophies. It’s legitimate baseball assessments and constant player accountability. Your son will be evaluated and provided feedback by multiple coaches with multiple baseball sub-specialties.

Want Customized Development? Each player receives Customized Training Programs that specifically target his personal Deficiencies and Strengths. Arm Enhancement, Swing Development, and Fielding Dynamics. No cookie cutting.

Need to be prepared for School (60/90) Baseball? If you’re heading into 8th Grade this Fall, playing 54/80 will set you back..period. All School Baseball (8th Grade) is played at 60/90. Get ahead of the game. Plus, NOCA stands for New Orleans Coaches Association. That means we communicate often and utilize the local high school head coaches as faculty. Want to make an impact on your future high school coach? NOCA is where you do that.•

Want to be part of a Program with Multiple Coaches, a Faculty of Instructors, older Player Mentors, and a proven record of developing the city’s Top Players at every high school? Do your own homework and you’ll discover that the best players at Jesuit, Rummel, Holy Cross, Brother Martin, Shaw, Newman, Hahnville, Destrehan, Lutcher, St Charles Catholic, Parkview Baptist, University High, and many others all play for NOCA. We even utilize the Seniors from these schools to help Mentor and Teach our 13’s. Nowhere else offers this culture or these programs. Tre Morgan, Will Hellmers, Tripp Haddad, Jake Cabeceiras, Giovanni Licciardi, Collin Loupe, Blaise Priester, Collin Morgan, and another (30) 2021’s all played NOCA.

Need a conversation? That’s completely fair. Adam Durand +1 (832) 777-9150. We do hope that the below message covers most topics.

Costs & Commitments
Players won’t be charged for anything beyond this Fall. This allows NOCA a longer-term assessment of each player, keeps the fees under $500, and doesn’t hold anyone captive for an entire year. Seems like the fairest model for 13’s that we could create. Allows for players to acclimate and develop to 60/90, gives each more opportunities to display abilities, lets each have multiple resources to utilize, and provides multiple coaches/instructors/mentors to aid in player development.

Know that NOCA 13U began Open Private & Semi-Private Tryouts for all 13’s starting July 1st. We’ve already identified players that have been accepted and confirmed.
Once we’ve CONFIRMED a specific number of 13’s, we’ll close Tryouts and simply switch gears from Player Accrual to Programming for our very unique Fall Program.

How Many 13U Players?
Please remember, we’re not making a “Travel Team” of (11) players that will go play in Fall Tournaments. This is about starting a Program at 13U where we can all develop inside a true developmental culture where players from all ages compete with each other to get better and are connected to each other across grades and ages.With that said, we anticipate similar to greater numbers each year for 13U, but we are most comfortable operating a (4) Team 13U Fall Program (we call it Pre-Prep Venue) with each team being of equal competitive caliber. This model allows players to have more than a “Solo” Tryout for a team and it allows us to see which players fit the 60/90 Baseball Model best while combining the best Instruction with unparalleled Mentoring during a (5) Week 60/90 Fall. Players will progress, get more puberty, and grow for the next few years. We need to allow time for that growth.

What About Summer?

Below is a projected Year Round 2021-2022 Calendar & Itinerary for NOCA 13’s in 2021-2022. Please scroll through.

Fall Itinerary

  • Fall Pre-Prep Venue – 60/90 Weekend Games played at College Stadiums
  • Wood Bat Weekends by Marucci
  • Big Brother/Mentor Coaches
  • Fall 13U Academy Nights (Instructional Workshops)

Winter Programs (Optional)

  • Winter Biomechanical Arm Enhancement & Batspeed Program
  • Winter Speed & Agility Program

Spring/Summer Tournaments & Practices

  • Summer 13U National Events. These are the premier National Events and NOCA utilizes our grandfathered bids to attend. We call these rosters NR (National Roster). We anticipate offering (2) NR Rosters at 13U for Summer 2022.
  • Summer 13U Regional Top Baseball Events. Most really good 13U baseball is not being played in New Orleans. In 2021, our NR Rosters played in Lafayette for a few weekends.
  • Summer Local Travel Events. These are the standard Travel Ball Tournaments at 13U. We will place a NOCA Travel 13U roster in these events.
  • Summer Mid-Week Practices. We like to offer a Coach’s Practice and a Mentor’s Practice once we get to May. Prior to May, we offer Sunday Night Workouts as to not interfere with School Baseball. You’ll understand why we program our practices and games this way for the Spring…kids are scattered everywhere and arms aren’t capable of pitching twice a weekend at this time.

NOCA 13U Director
NOCA’s 13 will be directed by Adam Durand. Coach Durand wraps up leading the 2022’s this past Summer and cycles back to lead the 13’s. Adam previously managed Team Easton – Spring, Texas and now comes home to New Orleans to manage inside NOCA. He specializes in Catching, Middle Infield, and Hitting. He is as good as any with underspending Scouting Assessments and Player Development.

NOCA’s 13U Philosophy – What’s After Travel Ball?
NOCA believes it’s vital to get into 60/90, but done so the right way. To truly develop, 13’s need to play in more than just the same local Travel Ball scene. It’s also vital to play alongside similar players that have real baseball goals and want to be coached to allow each player to “Own His Game”. Catchers will call pitches. Players will manage their own movements, as opposed to waiting for direction from a coach. Basically, we teach our 13’s how to think for themselves and get ahead of the game. This leads to a true understanding of how to self-train, be self-motivated, balance other sports, and even prioritize academics.

Who are the NOCA Mentors?
The biggest asset for our 13’s is our NOCA MENTORS. We utilize Elite High School Players, most of which have Committed to play College Baseball, managing each Fall Team, and teach at 13U Academy Nights. Your 13-year-old will never be happier or more excited about baseball, as he shares the dugout and skill work with the very players that he’s trying to become.

What does the Fall look like? What if I play Football?
The Fall Season consists of (5) weekends in September and October with all locally played games that are already scheduled to be played on College Fields. You play a game on Saturday and a game on Sunday. Usually morning game times. It’s not too much baseball and families have their entire weekends to themselves in the Fall while playing the most competitive baseball you can find at 13.

What do we do in the Winter?
In the Winter, NOCA shifts gears and offers Training Programs during the Midweek and a “Get Together” Practice on most Sunday Evenings. These programs are NOT MANDATORY.

  • The ReActive Arm Program. A true Arm Care Program that combines Biomechanical Drills, Bands, Plyocare Balls, Spin Mastering, Range of Motion Activation, and complete Arm Self Awareness. Arm Strength and Durability takes huge leaps.
  • The Intelligent Hitter Program. Biomechanical Sequencing, Barrel Path, Timing, Pitch Recognition, and Batspeed Enhancement.

What do we do in the Spring?
In the Spring, we like to offer a Weekly Practice/Workout, usually on Sunday Nights as to not interfere with any Middle School obligations. This keeps the boys connected and appropriately prioritizes baseball for this time of year when Middle Schools and Junior Highs take center stage. We begin to play in weekend events again once we get into mid-April.

What do we do in the Summer?
Once we get to May, NOCA jumps back into Travel Tournaments for each 13U Team and National Tournaments for NOCA NR Roster(s). Every year can look a little different depending on the makeup of our 13’s. For reference, we offered (2) National Rosters (called NR1 & NR2) and (2) Travel Rosters (called Travel 1 & Travel 2) in 2021. We usually wrap up the 13U year by the second week of July with a National Event for NR Teams and a World Series for Travel Teams.

NOCA’s National Roster(s) & NOCA’s Travel Roster(s)
NOCA 13U National Roster(s) represents the most competitive 13U roster that NOCA can create to compete in very specific National events held across the Gulf South. NOCA uses our automatic bids to enroll in these specific 13U National Events where players will see fastballs above 80mph and experience an entirely different level of competition.NR Teams are also where players learn how to play within very specific roles, so the Competitive Make-Up takes priority. Our unique model (having a TRAVEL and NR) means that NOCA’s players actually play on multiple NOCA teams throughout the Summer.TRAVEL plays in the more local events and will offer the highest travel baseball experience at 13. TRAVEL is also where players will play bigger roles on their team and move around defensively.

In summary, your 13-Year-Old son will have a very unique opportunity this year and within this his Age a division inside NOCA. He will also have the best of every world…Professional Coaching, Older Player Mentoring, state of the art Instruction in Throwing and Hitting Bio-mechanics with training aimed at Specific Defensive Positions (Academy Nights), a Summer Travel Team Roster to play locally, and a Summer National Team Roster to compete nationally against the very best at his age. As players progress, we can react by playing them on any roster at any time. Again, this is not Travel Ball. Rosters aren’t “frozen”. We do what’s best for each player and we keep everything fluid and flexible so we can accomplish our goals.

Joey Cabeceiras


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