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NOCA Baseball collaborates with Prep Head Coaches in and around New Orleans. This unique aspect offers families a dynamic environment for the Summer and Fall. NOCA’s College and Professional Baseball Recruiting Network is unmatched and has trusted relationships with Recruiters at every level. The Instruction, Training, & Coaching is unsurpassed in highly specific areas of Baseball from the most credible sources. These very unique dynamics provide the ultimate environment for players graduating from TRAVEL BALL and seeking that next level

Join NOCA BASEBALL & JPRD 2022 Fall Baseball Programs

Included for ALL NOCA Enrolled Players at NO EXTRA COST is the following…
All JPRD Fall League Games, All (3) Additional JPRD Academy Workshops by NOCA, & Additional JPRD Player Assessment Combine by NOCA.
NOCA’s FALL BASEBALL Venues Sept. 9th – Oct. 10th
JPRD’s FALL BASEBALL League  Games begin Sept. 26th
Please email Info@NOCABaseball with your name and contact info! 
For more information on what is included see HERE